The simple and powerful web solution for event planners.
Invite, manage registrations and check your participants on tablets.

Personal invitations

Make registration easy by sending pre-filled personalized invitation pages. Manage replies and send text messages or email reminders to the unanswering guests.

Online registration your way

Set up a fully customizable and branded registration page. Add the necessary fields, a map, a set of instructions and send it out to the world!

Text messages and Email confirmations

Send reminders and booking confirmations in a matter of seconds. If needed, attach personal electronic badges with barcodes.

check-in fonctionnalité

High speed check-in

Make queuing a thing of the past, with our check-in tablet application. Digitevent is fast, very fast!

badges fonctionnalité

Badge in real time

Forget about queuing lines and stacks of badges. Check-in a guest and his badge will instantly be printed out.

campagnes emails sms fonctionnalité

Reminders and messages

Draft messages, interact with your attendees and keep them up to date thanks to text messages, smart emails, VIP alerts and much more.

Our mission

The Digitevent application is designed to make managing guests easy during the key moments of your events.

Creative and passionate, our team gets its inspiration from their event organizing experience and technical background. Our goal is simple: maximise your productivity, avoid unnecessary stress and boost the first impression of your events.

The ever growing trust you place in our company is pushing us to improve our technology in order to meet your constantly evolving expectations. That is a goal to which our team is fully dedicated.

Frequent questions

What about my data ?

The guest list you download to the Digitevent app is your property and it will never be used for commercial purposes. Our Privacy Policy ensures strict maintenance of confidentiality and security of your information. Read our privacy policy.

Who needs Digitevent?

Digitevent is a web based application for non-ticketing event planners who desire a high-quality reception by taking it a step further.  The app streamlines organization and enhances the management process of the participants. Time-consuming tasks are now dealt with in a matter of a few clicks such as online registration, text and email reminders and messages, access control, on-site badge printing and much more.


Is Digitevent suitable for every kind of event ?

Every event is unique with distinctive features. To better adapt to the continuously changing needs of our clients, Digitevent offers a flexible platform allowing the demand of hundreds of events to be met per year. In addition, our consultants are available at all times if need be.




What happens if the tablets lose the Wifi connection ?

A Wifi connection is required in order to proceed with the initial downloading of the guest list. If the connection is lost during the event, the application will continue working as the guests are already registered and saved to the tablet. When the connection is reestablished, all changes will sync automatically with the other devices.

How do I install the application?

The app does not require software installation. Digitevent is operable from any device equipped with an up-to-date web browser (iPad, Android, computer or smartphone).

Is training necessary to get started ?

The handling of the app is intuitive and immediate. Digitevent was designed with the goal of making event planners totally independent during the organization of their events so that they can focus their energies elsewhere. In addition, our telephone helpline is always available without restriction.

Can I try the app for free ?

Set up an account, create an event and take advantage of every feature of the app as long as you don’t check-in or register more than 20 people. The event created is set to “demo” and can be activated at anytime if you wish to keep and use the software for your event.

Does the price depend on the number of attendees ?

The price of the app is adjustable: you only pay for what you use. The price depends on the number of events and features you choose to activate. The number of participants has no effect on the price. Check out our price grid.

How many tablets do I need to check-in my guests ?

We advise one tablet for every 80 guests. Plan a bit more, if you need the badge or signature features. We can provide you with a cost estimate for the latest in tablets/iPads.

What is the maximum number of attendees for an event?

Digitevent has been tested and approved by our clients for events from 20 up to 100,000 participants.